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Platinum Labs

  • Anabolic Triad

    ANABOLIC TRIAD - STRATEGICALLY FORMULATED DIETARY SUPPLEMENT Our Impossible to Hide formula includes: Bulbine NatalensisBulbine Natalensis is an extremely strong plant extract from South Africa...

  • Essentials - Acetyl L Carnitine

     Essentials Acetyl l-Carnitine Reportedly most effective in its acetylated form, Essentials Acetyl l-Carnitine boosts physical and mental energy levels by increasing the body’s ability to...

  • Laxogenin

    ESSENTIALS LAXOGENIN Laxogenin is a plant steroid similar in structure to the better-known plant extract, ecdysterone. Research has shown that Laxogenin exhibits anabolic properties that are as...

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  • Optiburn

    OPTIBURN - STRATEGICALLY FORMULATED DIETARY SUPPLEMENT Thermogenesis is the method of literally burning fat through heat. As the body’s internal temperature rises, so too do the...